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As we peel ourselves off the book of revelations, we are excited once again to immerse ourselves in the T-Town Flotilla for two wheeled mayhem, social debauchery and possibly a raffle boat (Just kidding, we're not raffling a boat). The Parkway Tavern will once again be hosting the meet and greet on Friday night and after we are sensibly lubricated, it’s off on the cruising urban north Tacoma ride, a TTF staple, before concluding at a local venue to feast on gritty entertainment and for the hardened, frog and toads at the Mule on South Tacoma way. After a suitable greasy breakfast Saturday morning, to soak up the fermented juices of the previous night’s endeavors, we will embark on a brisk and serpentine ramble out to the spiritual mecca of Yelm where we may find enlightenment with Ramtha before a long tall refreshment at one of the colorful local taverns prior to a dip in the resident swimming hole. There will be camping at the J&T ranch so you will have somewhere to retire after the grass track time trials framed by a bonfire with its own objective sound track as we navigate the evening landscape. After our traditional Beans on Toast breakfast Sunday, we’ll depart to all points north and south, leading our northern patrons as far as Tacoma.


Rally Packs: $25.00, T-Shirt, Patch and other Knick Knacks.


Camping will be on private property and IS included.


Note: For any out of towners who need a couch to surf Friday night, contact your favorite Firkin

What to Expect...

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