In this time of COVID we are still forging ahead albeit practicing social distancing with a slimmed down version of this auspicious event. The theme of our 10th TTF will be organic with long rides. We will meet Friday late afternoon at Dusty’s Hideaway that boasts a generous garden so we can practice our five person cliques.. No Rally packs this year but the opportunity to pick up a patch for the princely sum of $10.00 will be available. Once suitably lubricated, the cruising urban north Tacoma ride will commence while the sun slips behind the veil of Puget Sound as we head towards destinations unknown. Saturday morning we will congregate at Dockside Donuts for sugary treats before heading out on a long ride to Hoodsport with an old skool stop along the way. Refreshments after our slinky trek will be at the behest of the Model T that also boasts a very generous beer garden for our physical refueling before heading to Southworth where we will say au revoir to our northern brethren as the remainder of the herd head south via Vashon Island. Saturday evening in Tacoma will ooze into the organic category. Beans on Toast breakfast will be available Sunday Morning at a location yet to be revealed and maybe one last finger to the COVID with a gentle, local hangover massaging ride.

What to Expect...

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All activities are to be responsibly enjoyed by adults. Relish your beverages within the realms of safety.
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