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When the conditions are aligned, a carpet of mist of ethereal reflection will float just above the water silent with an enigmatic unspoken promise. Lurking in the fog, the T-Town Flotilla emerges with electric aplomb to provide a weekend of ubiquitous rides, limitless commaraderie, immersion in the cool waters of a quarry pool, music framed by digital artistry and of course the trademark beans on toast breakfast. The floating world of Friday night will be an atmosphere of mischief to mingle with friends both old and new while you furnish yourself with a Rally goody bag before we embark on the labyrinthine tour of Urban North Tacoma. Thereafter, you will be deposited at a location famous for plucking the karaoke skills directly from your soul before you retire to the mirage of your nightly excursions in slumberland.


Bring your swimming attire as after breakfast at Alfreds on Saturday, we’ll engage in a leisurely serpentine sojourn towards Tenino to submerge ourselves in the quarry pool and picnic in the park. Our return trip will engage the 8th Avenue drag strip, bypassing 507 with a dodge up Golden Givens circumventing Pacific Avenue. In the evening we will repair to the Piazza del SoSo to wax nostalgic with DJ Ginger Snap, live music against a backdrop of digital stimuli, street food and maybe, just maybe some bocce ball. Bring your own libations and celebrate the Canadian glove koozie.

 “Where are the beans on Toast?” you ask. The tomato sauced skinheads on a raft will be available at the New Frontier Sunday Morning! And that my fun fueled revelers will see you em-Fartically on your way.. Poot Poot.

What to Expect...

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