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Due to the magnum opus of scooter related events blooming in August like psychedelic fungi in a rich fall cow pasture, the Firkins have decided to entertain a stripped down, tatters to the bone, are those Daisy Dukes short enough version of the T-Town Flotilla. Pomp and Circumstance be scorned, there will be no Rally packs in lieu of a flutter of patches, a T-Shirt or two and perhaps a can of baked beans for emergencies. Don’t be mistaken, don’t be misled, there will still be a healthy infusion of scooter exuberance that we have come to expect in the past. Friday night will still be a launchpad greased by friends, lubrication and conversation at the local Parkway Tavern scooter club house followed by a contrasting tour of Grit City dwellings, maybe a beach or two while avoiding any example of a gravel alleyway. Before the curtains drop on the stage, we'll repair to the camp Bar for some glamping Karaoke.


Saturday morning, sponge up your internal toxins with a full Monty breakfast at Rock the Dock before we maneuver our precious cargo over Galloping Gertie with a shimmy through Gig Harbor then a quick Pit Stop at the Float in Purdy to scoop up any waif’s and strays. Replete with a full complement, we’ll twist through the interior of Henderson Bay accompanied by the Zen like purr from the fluffle of Bosozuku rebels. As it is now closed to the Public, we’ll swing by Lake Bay Marina to pay our respects before sashaying up through Vaughn to strike a pose at the Brickhouse Bar and Grill in Port Orchard for a late lunch (note: easy access to Bremerton/Southworth Ferries for those wishing to return north). Suitably satiated, we’ll dart back down the banks of the sound to a surreal little camp spot in Gig Harbor (I know……). For those not wishing to entertain a respite under the stars, Tacoma is a short hop across the Bridge. The Hy Iu Hee Hee is practically next door for your gastronomical pleasures or simply while away the evening gazing into the embers of the fire. Alternatively, saunter into Gig Harbor, rent a boat and merrily roll along the deep blue Sound. The evening will materialize in its own natural evolutionary glory.


If you still have your emergency can of Baked Beans, poke the embers of the fire and fuel your soul for the return trip Sunday via the west side interior of Gig Harbor. Remember the mission statement of the weekend: Simply to have Fun.

What to Expect...

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