As the pandemic exercises its mercurial nature, this will be a slimmed down version of our usual antics and shenanigans. Social distancing and CDC recommendations will be adhered to but lavished with a healthy layer of fun. We’re going old skool with long rides, scooter trash talk and the occasional adult beverage peaking from the digits of a Canadian koozie. As mentioned, the weekend will be organic and massaged as the mood dictates. We have secured a large beer garden for the late Friday afternoon meetup where we can enjoy an alchi-pop while keeping safe before heading out on the signature cruising urban north Tacoma ride. The endpoint is still veiled in mystery. Sugary donuts on Saturday morning will be your energy injection for the long ride out to Hoodsport with a gas station stop midpoint to both refuel scooter and rider. The Model T at Hoodsport will lure us in with the promise of exotic brews to slake our thirst and chicken and joes for our bellies in their very bountiful beer garden followed by an exquisite ride to Southworth where tearful goodbyes can be exchanged as our Northern brethren head home and the rest scuttle back to Tacoma. Magic carpet rides in the evening if so desired. There will be beans on toast Sunday Morning….


*** Please follow all social distancing recommendations including wearing masks ***

Friday, August 7, 2020
4:30 PM: Meet and greet at Dustys Hideaway. Get a patch, have a drink but don't get too close to anyone...
7:00 PM: Twilight cruising urban north Tacoma ride
8:30 PM: Time to get organic
After Parties at your own discretion

Saturday, August 8, 2020

9:00 AM: Breakfast congregation at Dockside Donuts
10:00 AM: Ride out to Hoodsport
Midpoint: Old Skool stop at a gas station for tipples in the parking lot
Late Lunch: The Model T at Hoodsport (best chicken and joes ever)
Late Afternoon: Ride back to all points North and South Via Southworth
Evening: Inspiral Carpet Rides if we all survive

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Morning: Beans on Toast at a location yet to be revealed followed by an FU ride to COVID...

Ride Routes:



There will be no Rally packs this year but a patch will be available for a paltry sum..



The return route will be via Southworth so we can get our northern bretheren in the right direction...